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HKIB CyberSecurity Solution Day | Utimaco x Randtronics x JJnet | 6 July

Nice to join the CyberSecurity Solution Day with HKIB this year at HKCEC again,
With partnered to Utimaco x Randtronics x JJnet, delegates showed their interest in the Hardware Security Modules and compliance solutions for FSI sector provider regulations (lawful interception and data retention)

The 11th BankTech Executive Summit 2020 | Utimaco x Randtronic x JJnet | 3 July

[Utimaco x Randtronics x JJnet]
今年JJnet有幸再次夥拍Utimaco 及Randtronics參與於香港會議展覽中心第11屆BankTech Executive Summit 2020, 是次會議亦由Utimaco 亞太技術總監吳尚池 Ng Sheung Chi 予大會講解 ”Creating Trust in the Data Era” 茶聚時段多名出席者主動顯露興趣及希望了解更多有關 Utimaco HSM 硬體加解密模組解決方案。
了解更多Utimaco HSM 解決方案,立即聯絡我們!

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